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What is a Counter-Strike 2 Aimbot?

A CS:2 Aimbot, simply put, is a program that moves your crosshair, in game, onto the head (or any other part) of the enemy closest to the crosshair, without moving your mouse. It grants you perfect aim without having to actually have perfect aim. There are varying degrees of CS2 Aimbot, and many features to toon it to your exact specifications.

Features / Settings

Aimbot FOV

The most important setting for the Aimbot is the aimbot fov. The fov is the maximum number of degrees which your crosshair can move in order to end up on the closest enemy’s head. Basically, it creates an invisible circle around your crosshair, and if the enemy is anywhere inside of that circle, the aimbot will lock on. If it is set to 180, then it will lock on no matter how far away the enemy is, and if it is 1, then you will need to be very close to the enemy’s head.

Aim Smoothing

In a CS2 Aimbot, aim smoothing is something that is often done improperly. Essentially, aim smoothing means that it will take a few moments for your crosshair to move from its starting position to the ending position. This makes it looks much more legitimate to spectators and overwatch, and is the recommended setting for our new users.

Aim Mode

The aim mode in a CS:2 Aimbot is very straightforward. It is either set at head or chest. If it is set to chest, the aimbot will lock onto the enemy’s chest, and if it is set to head, it will lock onto the enemy’s head.

How to improve your own aim with an Aimbot in CS2

Generally, people don’t think of an aimbot as something that helps you improve. Those people couldn’t be more wrong. By watching yourself hit amazing shots, you can slowly lower the fov, until you are doing almost all of the aiming yourself. Instead of having to hit the shot perfectly right from the start, you can work in increments, getting better and better and making your fov lower and lower, until eventually you don’t need the aimbot at all.


Customizability is important in a cs2 Aimbot. We offer customizability for every single part of the aimbot. Whether you want to change the button to toggle aimbot on and off, change the actual aimbot key, change the aim mode, or change any other aspect of the aimbot, you can do it right from our intuitive single-page interface.

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