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What are CS:2 hacks?

CS2 Hacks are programs or sets of programs which, when run on your computer, will give you an advantage in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They can, and often do, have multiple components, each of which give different advantages or alter the game in different ways. Although mainly used to best opponents in online matches, they can also be used in private, bot matches in order to improve one’s talent.

Is there a difference between cs2 cheats and cs2 hacks?

If you want to read a little bit about cs2 cheats, you can do so by clicking here. When CS:GO first came out, every cheat was called a hack. In general, people thought that csgo hacks sounded cooler than csgo cheats. There is a subtle difference, though. By definition, hacks are something that break into something else. For instance, a true hack would be if a program gained access to the database and altered the information. A cheat, on the other hand, does not. In general, it could be said that there are “external” cheats, and “internal” hacks. Our cheat is an external cheat. What this means is that no in game variables or files are being changed. We simply change data that is stored in your own computer’s memory. An internal hack, on the other hand, actually interfaces with the game’s code, while the game is running, and changes the variables. While internal cheats can offer more features, they also offer far more opportunity to be caught or banned from the game. While there is still some risk with external cheats, an undetected cs2 cheat like ours mitigates most of it.


You can read about some common features below, and in more detail on each of their own pages.


CS:2 Bhop is a feature that almost all modern csgo hacks have. It is very simple. If you jump the instant that you touch the ground, and keep timing it right, your character will move faster than it would normally running. This can give you an advantage in gun fights and in reaching advantageous positions.

Read more about cs2 bhop here.

Wallhacks / ESP

Wallhacks are another ubiquitous feature in cs2 hacks today. Wallhacks are a very straightforward feature. They allow you to see an outline of players through walls. This can give you many different advantages, and help you improve your game. First, you will be able to see what gun they have. You will be able to tailor your play style around the pros and cons of your enemy’s gun. Also, more obviously, seeing enemies before they see you will allow you to easily out maneuver and outgun them. It will also teach you valuable lessons about how enemies move and where they generally are, so that you can improve your knowledge of the game as well.

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CS2 Aimbot is the main feature of any good csgo hack. We are especially proud of ours since, after months of tweaking, we now have an incredibly efficient aimbot that can lock onto an enemy and shoot them before they even see you. It even works against spin bots and is quicker than almost all other currently available csgo cheats. CS2 aimbot have one main feature in common, although it can be implemented in different ways. When it is turned on, you will automatically aim at an enemy’s head. Some cheats have it automatically move without any input, but we find that this leads to messy movement and bad timing. We have a system where when you press the designated key, if you are within a certain distance of the enemy’s head, which you can set, then it will lock on. Also, we offer a few nice features. We offer aim smoothing, which means that the crosshair will take a few moments to lock onto the enemy, once you are within range of him. This makes it look more legitimate, and is better if you are trying to improve your shot. Also, we offer a triggerbot, which we will explain more below.

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Trigger Bot

CS2 Trigger Bots are a feature that is hit or miss in many current csgo hacks. The job of a trigger bot is to shoot when your crosshair is on an enemy. We offer a standalone triggerbot, which does exactly that and is used mainly for sniping, but then we also offer a trigger bot that is built into the rage mode of our csgo cheat. This means that you will automatically aim on the enemy when you press the key, and then shoot once you are aimed at them. Though it is not recommended with the high risk of being overwatch banned when using it, it is the most efficient way to kill other cheaters or simply annihilate your opponents.

What separates one cheat from another?

There are a few things that differentiates one cheat from another.

Number of Users

When a cheat has a large number of users, it becomes very easy for Valve to detect it, and it means that most of the users get banned. Since we keep our user base very small, our users have very little chance of getting VAC banned.

Customer Service

Customer service is what we pride ourselves on at SmurfWrecker CS2 Cheats. We have admins and moderators online 18 hours a day, with an average response time during our operating hours of under 10 minutes. That means that if you are unsure and have any questions, or purchased and need help setting it up, there is always someone there to assist you. In fact, you likely see a chat button on  the bottom of your screen right now. If you do, you can click that and send a message directly to our of our administrators, who will get a notification and can respond immediately. Big cheats don’t have time to deal with individual customers, while we make it our main purpose.

User Experience

Everyone who is buying a csgo cheat wants the best user experience. Many cheats out now have large, complicated user interfaces that require an inside knowledge of the functions and how to use them, with sparse documentation and no live support. We aim to change that. We stick to the features that everyone uses, and have a simple one-screen interface that provides not only a great user experience, but also all the customizability that you could want.


Most cheats out now give you a set of hotkeys, which you need to figure out and then memorize. We, on the other hand, have done it differently. Although we do have a set of default hotkeys, they are all displayed on the single-screen interface, and are changed simply by clicking on them and pressing the button that you would like to change it to. You can then save or load your presets so that you only have to customize it once.