How do I download the cheat after purchase?

Once your purchase the cheat, simply click the download button in the menu of the site or go to . This is only the launcher, and you will be asked to log in. It will do everything else for you, including automatically update you to the latest version of the cheat whenever you log in.

Does SmurfWrecker Protect Me From Overwatch?

SmurfWrecker Pro includes a ton of legit features that make it very easy to avoid being overwatch banned, including aim smoothing, aimbot fov, change color on seen, and more. Despite this, overwatch bans are still possible. There is no cheat in the world that can bypass overwatch.

Login Attempt Failed – Try Again Later ERROR

  1. Even though you purchased it, your username and password might not have gotten created for the cheat.
    1. To fix this simply go to and type in your username and password. If you get to the Registration Successful screen, that was the issue.
  2. You are using a different computer than you originally did.
    1. When you purchase the cheat, it automatically locks to your computer. If you move to a different computer, simply use the contact form on the site to ask an admin to reset it for you.
  3. Your username or password are incorrect
    1. If you believe that this is the case, please use the contact form on the site and an admin would be happy to help you to remedy your issue.

If none of these help, please contact an admin and they will be happy to help.

MSVCP140.DLL is Missing ERROR

If you get this error, it is a very easy fix.

  1. Go to and download the x86 version.
  2. Restart your pc
  3. If the error does not go away, go back to that site and download the x64 version, and then restart your pc.

How do I know if the Cheat has been Detected?

We have a very sophisticated system for if the cheat every becomes detected.

  1. We shut off the ability to log into the cheat. You will never have to be worried and check to see if we are detected, because we will automatically be able to stop you from using it
  2. Our launcher allows us to automatically update everyone’s cheat, so once we find out that we are detected we can roll out a fix in minutes.