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What is a CSGO Skin Changer?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what a csgo skin changer is. Some people think that it means you will get whatever skin you want from a weapon case. Others think that it will add it to your inventory. Unfortunately, both of these would be 1) nearly impossible and 2) incredibly illegal.

What a skin changer is is something that tells the game that you have a skin that you don’t actually while you’re in game.

What skins can I use with this CSGO Skin Changer?

The nice thing about our csgo skin changer is that it isn’t bound even by the gun. Do you want an AK Dragon Lore? What about a Glock-18 Howl? Any skin that you want can go on any skin that you have. Just press the reset button and the skin will automatically apply itself to your gun.

How does a CSGO Skin Changer work?

A CSGO Skin Changer works a little differently than you might expect. First, it changes the fallback values of your current weapon. This means that if the game can’t find the proper skin, it will set it to these values. Then, we set an invalid value for certain parts of the gun. Then, when you press the button, it refreshes the gun models. When the game can’t find everything it needs, it will go back to the fallback values, and you will see the skin!

Can I get banned for using a CSGO Skin Changer?

A Skin Changer is one of the few CSGO Cheats that gives you a near-zero chance of being banned. Of course, if the cheat is detected, which ours is not, you probably will. As long as it is not detected though, you won’t. The skin can’t be seen in Overwatch. It also can’t be seen by your teammates. You will have all the perks of a CSGO Skin Changer without having to worry about your account’s safety.

Can anyone else see the skin?

Unfortunately, the CSGO Skin Changer feature of our CSGO Cheats is only client-side. This means that only people looking at your computer will be able to see it. Valve’s servers don’t see it, your teammates don’t see it and, most importantly, Overwatch doesn’t see it. However, you can record your screen, and the recording will include the correct skin.


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