!suggest <suggestion>Suggest a feature, either for the cheat, the discord server, or anything else that we are involved in.
!report <bug/player/ban> <description/ban type(overwatch/vac)/player name> <reason for reporting>Report a bug in any of our products, a player for breaking a rule, or a ban that you received while using one of our products.
!admins <message>Send a private question or message to mods
!vipSend info about the vip role to the channel you are in
!preset <optional: rage/legit>Send our preferred legit and rage preset to your DMs. Not specifying one will send both.
!giveaway <enter/info>Enter: Enters the current giveaway (if you have the necessary role), Info: Send info about the current giveaway to the channel you are in
!accept <optional: username> <optional: static/smurf>Accepts the rules of the server, allows you to participate. Adding a username and service checks our server to see if you are a current Static Ware or SmurfWrecker user and assigns you the correct role. This is not necessary if you input your discord username at signup on either site.